Asian Americans

These days, most U.S. immigrants are not coming from Mexico, as is the popular perception, but from China and India. These changing immigration patterns are leading advertisers to take a second look at the Asian American market, which is the fastest growing consumer segment in the country, according to the Asian American Advertising Federation.

The 3AF — a trade group comprised of Asian American ad agencies, market advertisers, media companies and industry specialists — aims to help grow the Asian American ad industry and raise awareness about the community. To help marketers reach this demographic, the 3AF has released a report that dives into the media consumption habits of Asian Americans.

It should be no surprise that television and the internet are the most popular channels Asian Americans consume, given the popularity of those channels with Americans overall. About 94% of those surveyed say they watch TV at least a few times weekly, and 92% use the Internet as often. Radio and print are also popular, commanding 84% and 71% of the audience weekly, respectively. Among digital channels, social media is popular, with 87% using social channels weekly or more often.

What isn’t as popular is satellite radio, with 42% of respondents saying they have never used it.

In terms of language, most consume media in foreign languages to some degree, but about 33% rely almost exclusively on English-based media.

The report breaks down television consumption by language for Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Korean and Vietnamese consumers. 3AF has more on the study.